Tiny Bringer Of The Apocalypse

Once again, Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen ‘NeedleNoodles’ Haden. This time, Cthulhu! I had a Lovecraft phase as a teen and while his work does not hold up (overwrought prose and racism galore,) I still love creative people’s takes on the mythos. Particularly if Lovecraft would hate them. And so, have a horrifying eldritch priest in super cutesy form!

This is one of my first projects at Intermediate level, and my first time using triple crochet on the wings. It worked, and gives me some ideas for another project I’ve had shelved for a bit.


Don’t Fear the (Tiny) Reaper

Before I learned to crochet, a friend of mine was making aliens from Christen Haden’s Creepy Cute Crochet, a book which I saw and instantly loved. It took me several years and a few tries to learn properly, but I am finally at a spot where I have the time and skill to make creatures from the book! Starting with Death. (I had the yarns out already from alien.) He is tiiiny, and I love him. But I’ll probably use medium weight yarn for the next one. Instead of using clay for the scythe I figured eh, I know how to crochet a scythe shape and sewed it on. There will, I am certain, be more from this book.