Tonberry Athleticware

Do not ask what Tonberry sports are like. Most of this progress was actually the last two days, after our straight week of rain stopped for a bit and therefore my hands do not actively, currently hate me. He’s not done yet – there’s still sleeves, a hood, and his knife and lantern – but a more time-sensitive project just came up so we’ll see what I finish before starting that.

I Can Still Kick You

It’s always nice seeing limbs add up. Even nicer when they’re something difficult I’ve never done before. (And I can definitely tell there will be more feet using that basic shape in the future.) Pattern in question is ArtisticGaming’s Tonberry, from the Final Fantasy series.

This is either Studio Ghibli or Pokémon, I’m not sure which

Another in-progress shot, this time of what will eventually be a giraffe but currently looks more like some weird sci-fi/fantasy creature. Probably from an anime, but if I ever decide to try and create an Andalite from the Animorphs series I will definitely repurpose that head shape.

Lions, Flame and Otherwise

One of the things I love about amigurumi is that they work up fast. I enjoy being able to say I’ve finished something relatively quickly, and also it prevents me from starting too many projects and never finishing any of them.

As I mentioned previously on this blog, my brother asked me to make him a lion based off his main character from the fighting game Rivals of Aether, Zetterburn, for his birthday. Specifically, he wanted his favorite alternate costume. Easy enough, though I obviously substituted a more taupe color rather than the olive-ish color for the face. While there is probably yarn in that color somewhere, it would be harder to find and does not particularly look all that good.

The pattern I used, which prompted this request in the first place, came from Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters by Leisure Arts. I got the book a couple weeks after I started crocheting and have been using it extensively since, because all of the animals are in fact that cute and they’re easy patterns for beginners.

Zetterburn was the first time I actually tried consciously modifying a pattern – not too significantly, just changing the colors and adding an extra color change, but modifying it all the same. The only issue was how large and wide-set I made his face, which meant there wasn’t a lot of space for his ears. Not super-thrilled with that one. On the other hand, I definitely felt like I had a better sense of how to space things when sewing his paws, so: progress. (The claws were also a request from my brother. Embroidering them looked better than trying to add the claws on like the mane on something so small.)

Also pictured, so that I have them, is Yellow Lion Who I Still Do Not Have A Name For, both in side-by-side with Zetterburn and in his early blob state.

Yarns used:

Yellow Lion- Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Mustard, Terracotta, and Lion Brand Heartland Yosemite

Zetterburn- Loops & Threads Impeccable Lavender, Soft Taupe, and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice White

Gotta Crochet Em All!


Actually made this one months ago, for a friend of my dad’s who had a baby. Said friend enjoyed video games, including Pokemon Go with her older child, and my dad asked if I’d be interested and willing to make a baby hat for the new one.

I need very few excuses to make a Pikachu hat for a baby.

Pattern came from here, and is available for free. I modified it, as can be seen, because:

  1. I had perfectly good yarn in a more Pikachu color already (Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Mustard) and didn’t want to buy more,
  2. The hat pattern was written for a slightly loose gauge and I have an extremely tight gauge, which was okay because
  3. The hat pattern was also written for a 6-18 month old baby and said baby was about three months old when I was making it, and so
  4. A full Pikachu face wouldn’t have fit as well on such a small hat.

I also crocheted the cheek circles rather than work in felt because I had red yarn, I don’t have red felt, and I don’t really currently work in felt if I don’t have to. (At some point that will change, I am certain. But not right now.)

The hat’s been sent onward and the baby looks quite cute in it. And so another Pokemon Trainer is born…

Coming Attractions

Needless to say, I have not been using this site much lately, particularly as I haven’t been writing or using the internet for a while. What I have been doing is crocheting, and apparently people want to see my creations since I don’t really use Facebook to post them.


Cue the realization that I have a website that’s been going unused. So, hello newcomers! Here are the crochet friends, and if you want to read my thesis it’s here too.