I’m only cryin’ cause I never dreamed it’d take this long

In progress shots of a Noodle Man, Lea from Kingdom Hearts, in an outfit he wears for approximately thirty seconds in the ending cutscene. (I already did Xion’s, and I’m in favor of all the Ex-Organization members never having to wear their death cult trenchcoats again anyway.) I spent so incredibly long deliberating over the color of his shirt and pants, and figuring out how to do the plaid.

The kicker? There’s an overshirt, this plaid will only marginally be visible, and the pants… I have to SHOW YOU those pants, because I spent Actual Time of My Life deliberating over the color and how to render them (in fairness, I was figuring that particular part out to take my mind off an impending death in the family,) only to get a good closeup shot when the DLC came out and I was viewing the last cutscene from about three feet from his part of the shot…And discover that they were LEOPARD PRINT. At which point I decided there was no way I was bothering with a print so subtle it hadn’t been visible in the lighting for the pre-DLC version of the cutscene. Still, what’s left now is the hoodie (arms and sleeves already being finished,) a handful of details like the collar, and the endless spikes that will be his hair. Which is good – I’ve had to step back my crocheting a TON, since I’m spending all my time at home and all my hobbies use my hands and wrists so heavily. Stretching and regular breaks have certainly helped, though! Hope to update sooner, rather than later. Stay safe, everyone!


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