I’m only cryin’ cause I never dreamed it’d take this long

In progress shots of a Noodle Man, Lea from Kingdom Hearts, in an outfit he wears for approximately thirty seconds in the ending cutscene. (I already did Xion’s, and I’m in favor of all the Ex-Organization members never having to wear their death cult trenchcoats again anyway.) I spent so incredibly long deliberating over the color of his shirt and pants, and figuring out how to do the plaid.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Speaking of bracelets, I made this one yesterday as well for Valentine’s! It’s also Sailor Moon-inspired, themed after Sailors Uranus (colors: dark blue and gold) and Neptune (colors: sea green and blue.) The shell hearts feel very Neptune-y as well. Done on elastic cord because frankly? I have Plans for a later take on this if I ever pick up soldering.


So I said ‘in the coming weeks,’ like, two months ago, but timing there didn’t quite work out. Anyway, while I’m still sick and don’t want to cough all over nice scarves, I do have another creative outlet lately!

Last year I took a course on wire-wrapping jewelry at the local community college, and I’ve found I really enjoy it. So I’ve been working on that, especially on days I don’t feel up to crocheting. (Which, again, has been often. Dang colds.) Continue reading Jewelry!