A Little Buddy

Pictured: An amigurumi alien, green with four side ‘fins’ and a purple space suit.

Don’t try to crochet too much in the early days of a global pandemic while ALSO, a hotly-anticipated game comes out and you binge-play it. Tendonitis is not fun. At all. But after a couple months of PT and a couple months of not pushing myself too hard as I got back into the swing of things, I finally did a new project! This little buddy is intended for the recipient of that flying saucer mobile I made about a year and a half ago – an alien to match the flying saucer, meaning it’s green with a big round head and side fins. Apart from that, though, I could design it however I wanted. I’m quite happy with how it turned out! Decided to make it a bit more fantasy and make a purple space suit – the raised purple ‘collar’ is supposed to be where a helmet would go. To give it some support, it also has three little legs on which to rest, which allow it to stand up unsupported! Very pleased with that.

Hopefully I won’t be as long between posts next time, but who can predict things in these uncertain times?


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