Happy Valentine’s Day!

Speaking of bracelets, I made this one yesterday as well for Valentine’s! It’s also Sailor Moon-inspired, themed after Sailors Uranus (colors: dark blue and gold) and Neptune (colors: sea green and blue.) The shell hearts feel very Neptune-y as well. Done on elastic cord because frankly? I have Plans for a later take on this if I ever pick up soldering.



So I said ‘in the coming weeks,’ like, two months ago, but timing there didn’t quite work out. Anyway, while I’m still sick and don’t want to cough all over nice scarves, I do have another creative outlet lately!

Last year I took a course on wire-wrapping jewelry at the local community college, and I’ve found I really enjoy it. So I’ve been working on that, especially on days I don’t feel up to crocheting. (Which, again, has been often. Dang colds.) Continue reading Jewelry!