Bobble Bobble Toil and… Cobble?

Due to a ‘okay we needed to rethink something’ on the lace scarf I started on my second one. Which is mostly bobbles. Bobbles are fun! I will probably not be doing double-sided bobbles again any time soon unless I can get the same yarn I was using, but: Bobbles! (I’ll need to get a better light for the colors once this is done – they work PERFECTLY together.)

Tonberry Athleticware

Do not ask what Tonberry sports are like. Most of this progress was actually the last two days, after our straight week of rain stopped for a bit and therefore my hands do not actively, currently hate me. He’s not done yet – there’s still sleeves, a hood, and his knife and lantern – but a more time-sensitive project just came up so we’ll see what I finish before starting that.