A Beauty, But A Funny Girl


Starting things off is Belle, now returned from her very exciting Disney vacation and subsequent adventures in my purse to her true home, a bookshelf. Doesn’t she look happy?


Technical details: Belle was made from Sahrit’s ‘Tall French Beauty’ pattern on Etsy. If you crochet and want to make some Disney princesses, I highly recommend said store. There’s also a pattern for the Beast, which she made this version of Belle to match (there’s another smaller one that’s sized with the rest of the princesses,) which ‘transforms’ so you can have both Beast and Prince. Looks a bit more involved than I’m comfortable with right now, though, and I’d worry about losing the pieces. (Especially when traveling.) Belle’s around 7 1/2 inches tall, all told. Her skirt is made with a much thicker yarn than the rest, which is why it’s so puffy, and worked in a much smaller hook than recommended by the manufacturer to be that tight. It’s difficult – I spent about ten to fifteen hours on the project and at least an hour and a half of it was just the first row of that skirt – but the end result is absolutely worth it. I also used wire inside her arms so that she’s posable.

I’m still working on consistency with sewing the separate pieces together, but she looks great and the cast members at Disney loved her.

Yarns used-

Bernat Baby Blanket Yellow (Skirt), Lion Brand Heartland Sequoia (Hair), Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Beige (Skin), and Loops and Threads Impeccable Sunny Day (Bodice, Gloves, and Trim)


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