One Down, Three To Go

And with a good old-fashioned ‘screw everything else I’m getting this done,’ I have made it through this last skein of yarn and finished this scarf! Thank goodness, because I still have two more scarves I’d like to have at least started before Christmas, and a third to start after. (I don’t know for a fact I’ll be receiving yarn for Christmas with which to make a scarf for someone, but I don’t NOT know that, shall we say.) 😉

The color doesn’t quite come out in these photos, but it’s a really nice dark blue. We got it from a yarn store up by the beach back in October – tag says it’s Findley DK from Juniper Moon Farm, color menemsha. It’s five inches wide and about 42 1/2 to 43 inches long. As to the pattern… I had originally given everyone the choice of patterns from The Big Book of Granny Squares by Tracey Lord (which also contains motifs beyond ones worked in the round,) and my aunt chose Gentle Waves (pattern 14) – really just a repeating double-then-single crochet. Catch here: I have somehow been yarning UNDER instead of over for quite some time, which makes the motif look slightly different. By the time I realized this, it was way past the time to change anything and anyway, the look it has now is still quite cool. (I suspect it also looks more dramatic because of the dark color.) I’ll be trying to change habits for the next pattern… which is also my first attempt at lace. Hoooo, boy.


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