Scarves as far as the eye can see

So here’s number two down, and it was a bit of a doozy! For a start, its recipient is sensitive to animal fibers so this one’s all silk and bamboo. Second, she wanted a yarn-intensive pattern (listed in my book as Fiesta, but the Blackberry Salad motif, essentially,) and in the time between buying yarn and starting I think I forgot my original plan. (I think I was intending to go white then pink then white then green then white then pink then white, repeat. The blue was bought later. Honestly I think I prefer what got made, the color interactions are lovely.) Still, end result is I panicked on yarn amounts and didn’t have enough green to get through. I also worked essentially patternless to make it double sided and the bobbles be spaced the way I wanted to… and since I couldn’t count stitches getting used to the bobbles, which I had never worked before, spacing sometimes got thrown off. There are gained and dropped stitches in there as well as slightly off spacing. Still, it’s a pretty scarf.

It’s about six inches wide (a touch over) and 45 inches long – not a hugely long scarf, but it wraps and the double bobbles make it nice and thick. I figured my aunt would appreciate being able to wear it without fussing over sides, even as I worried about having enough yarn to finish. The yarns used were: Sublime Baby Silk & Bamboo DK (the green and white, which is actually cream in person,) Louisa Harding Mulberry Silk (the pink,) and Patons Bamboo and Silk (the blue.) All but the green I had leftovers of, so there’ll be more used with them later! Now… onto lace.


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