So I said ‘in the coming weeks,’ like, two months ago, but timing there didn’t quite work out. Anyway, while I’m still sick and don’t want to cough all over nice scarves, I do have another creative outlet lately!

Last year I took a course on wire-wrapping jewelry at the local community college, and I’ve found I really enjoy it. So I’ve been working on that, especially on days I don’t feel up to crocheting. (Which, again, has been often. Dang colds.)

The top three were all made during class – I also made a bracelet that matches the earrings and a necklace, but they didn’t turn out as well and I have other bracelet examples. The lower two were meant as pendants, but we liked the sea glass one so much it turned into a Christmas tree ornament.

I’ve done a few more pendants since, including a couple made from marbles that came from my great-grandparents’ house. (I really like that gold and orange one.) I’m hoping to maybe start doing craft shows or opening an Etsy shop in the near future, so I’m building a bit of stock there.

As mentioned, I’m also making bracelets. These three are all wire-work – the only parts I didn’t make myself are the beads. The lower two are inspired by Sailor Moon – Sailor Venus’s orange and gold (It’s kind of her Love-Me Chain, though I couldn’t find good orange heart beads,) and Sailor Jupiter in green and pink, with roses and crackles for lightning. Never claimed I wasn’t a nerd, and they’re good color patterns. (I have beads currently for all the main Earth Senshi except maybe Pluto. Sorry Pluto.)

I’m also doing some beading with elastic,

And this little lizard here, who’s probably a keychain but I mostly made to try weaving out. (Probably don’t try the first time on wire and small beads. I’m happy with my lizard, but it was a pretty frustrating process.) So I’ve been pretty busy these last few months! Now that I finally have this post made up, expect to see more jewelry posts (and hopefully a bit more frequent ones, as well.)


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