Smithsonian Buddy

I’ve lived in the DC-Baltimore Metropolitan area my whole life. This means I first went to the Natural History Museum when I was, like, four. And they had a mosasaurus. They also had a little claymation video next to the mosasaurus speculating on their extinction due to falling sea temperatures killing the ammonites they liked to eat. (I suspect this is no longer the prevailing theory, but this was like, 1996.) I loved this exhibit, and have been IMMENSELY saddened I can’t find it recorded anywhere. Point being: MOSASAUR. When I saw the Dinosaur Amigurumi book had a pattern for one, it was only a matter of time until I made it. And then it was only a matter of time until I finished it after leaving the poor thing flipperless for months. I love it. I’m also much happier with my flipper sewing than I usually am. Marking where you want stitches to go, apparently it works. Who knew? Happy 2020, in case I don’t post anything before that, Hanukkah sameach, merry Christmas, and may the light return soon!


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