Gotta Crochet Em All!


Actually made this one months ago, for a friend of my dad’s who had a baby. Said friend enjoyed video games, including Pokemon Go with her older child, and my dad asked if I’d be interested and willing to make a baby hat for the new one.

I need very few excuses to make a Pikachu hat for a baby.

Pattern came from here, and is available for free. I modified it, as can be seen, because:

  1. I had perfectly good yarn in a more Pikachu color already (Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Mustard) and didn’t want to buy more,
  2. The hat pattern was written for a slightly loose gauge and I have an extremely tight gauge, which was okay because
  3. The hat pattern was also written for a 6-18 month old baby and said baby was about three months old when I was making it, and so
  4. A full Pikachu face wouldn’t have fit as well on such a small hat.

I also crocheted the cheek circles rather than work in felt because I had red yarn, I don’t have red felt, and I don’t really currently work in felt if I don’t have to. (At some point that will change, I am certain. But not right now.)

The hat’s been sent onward and the baby looks quite cute in it. And so another Pokemon Trainer is born…


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