Animals Abound

Yesterday’s giraffe is finished, so I figured it had earned a photo shoot with friends.

All four animals here come from the same Leisure Arts book I made the lion from – I’ve actually made everything in the set except for a seal (which I simply haven’t gotten around to) and snowy owl (which is the same pattern as the penguin, but in all black and white, so it actually doesn’t look much like an owl.) But some of them aren’t as photo-ready since I was still learning a lot (the monkey actually has a fairly serious issue in how I attached the legs,) so they’re sitting out.

I’ve already been over the lion, so I’ll start by focusing on the penguin.

Small and quick to work up, but very cute. Even if the black yarn in the head makes things like counting stitches difficult. Turned out well, but there was an issue in how I stitched the bottom closed so it has issues sitting up on its own. Still adorable.

Next up is the gator, who I have actually named. His name is Snouty. I love him but don’t really have further comments, though I did modify the ridge on his back from the pattern to look more obviously differentiated.

Our star of the day is the giraffe! I’m definitely getting better at figuring out where to start sewing to get things attached neatly – apart from its head looking slightly to the left, everything is pretty neat.

Though there is a little oddness with the neck spots – I think when I did the slip stitches to finish them, it screwed up a bit because they’re so small. Still, they’re on securely, so no issue.

Planning on moving on to other patterns next. Haven’t quite decided which one, exactly, but there have been plenty of books I’ve gotten and done nothing with yet – in addition to my personal set of amigurumi here, I also made a set for the elementary school media center I volunteered yet this year, which I was working on from late January to early June. This giraffe is actually the second one I’ve made – the first one turned out well, so when I realized I didn’t have the time before the school year let out to make a second, I threw the first one in so I could make a personal one on my own time. It and the lion are my favorite patterns.

Yarns used:

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Black, (head) White, (body) Mustard, (body, beak, feet) Silver Gray (I believe – there’s a bit more glimmer to it than the pictured yarn, but I can’t see what yarn it would be.) (wings)

Alligator: Loops & Threads Impeccable Deep Forest (body) and Citron (ridge), Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice White (teeth)

Giraffe: Red Heart Pale Yellow (body), Carrot (spots, tops of horns, tail, bottoms of feet)


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