Stabby Friend

Tonberry is now complete! I actually got the hood and sleeves done a little bit ago, but wanted to do the complete post with those accessories. Pattern, once again, is from ArtisticGaming. Who has a lot of interesting patterns, so I’ll probably work on others at some point.

Sewing the hood on was actually the hardest part of this whole thing – getting it the right size and placement was easy enough, but there wasn’t much space where I wanted to attach it on the sides and bottom. To keep its shape, I stuffed the hood and then sewed it to its head.As any good monster based on a monk with the stabby power of everything you defeated previously in the game, he has a lantern and knife. The knife is sewn on; the lantern isn’t. (Might have to change that eventually – the handle doesn’t leave a lot of room so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze to stay on.)


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