Cretaceous Critter

… I did not intend to take so long a break from blogging. But I figured there’s only so many pictures of giraffes and elephants I could post at a time. Instead I bring you a triceratops! Brought to you by Justyna Kacprzak’s Dinosaur Amigurumi. (I decided to leave off the toes hers has in the end – they’re cute, but the legs are worked all as part of the body and it was difficult enough maneuvering the main body around for them.) She’s cute, but also big – parts of the body have 80 stitch rounds. For me and my tendency for little guys, that’s a lot to keep track of. I even ran out of the main color yarn before hitting the frill and tail.

The craft shows went well, but we’re done for the season I think. We need to build up stock for the fall and winter, after all!


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