Elephant and Piggie and Piggie and Piggie and…

I’ve got a table at a local craft show next month! Which means building up stock. In this case, that stock is mostly currently pigs.

They work up fast and are cute, so I’ve done several different prototypes to see what versions I like best. (The one with legs turned out a bit quizzical-looking, but honestly I like it.) Today I just finished my second creature to sell.

I volunteer at a local elementary school media center, and we can’t keep Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books on the shelves. Naturally with all these pigs, they need an elephant. (Based on what I know of the series, though, he might not like being so outnumbered!) Both are made using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn, with some accenting Red Heart pink I had lying around from ages ago for the pigs’ snouts. Where safety eyes were used, I used 6060’s 9 mm black eyes.


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