Husky, Husky, Whoo-woo-woo!

My mom’s a Bloomsburg alum, I regret nothing.

This one took a WHILE. Back in September, my aunt asked me if I’d do a commission for her, since her sister-in-law had a baby. Sure, said I, and she suggested, and bought for me, this Husky pattern by AuroraGurumi. Which is adorable!Thing I did not check beforehand: Size. Thing I did not fully conceptualize before making the head: Just how BIG a twelve-inch plush toy is. With her permission, I shelved the project in the lead up to the craft shows (back in mid-October,) and started work on it again after them and a last-minute further commission. Still, it is done, and it is CUTE!The nose embroidery comes courtesy, once again, of my mother, since I typically struggle with adjacent stitches like that so she filled in after my original, less-neat attempt. Thank you once again, because it is adorable!

I did the pattern mostly as written, with two exceptions: First, the body parts as written are attached during crocheting the main body in a way I couldn’t quite parse, so I just sewed them on. Second, the arms as written are almost ten rounds longer – and end up much longer than the legs. Since this was intended as a cuddle buddy and less of a hanger-on of things, I decided it would probably be best to shorten them. While I don’t think I’ll be doing any patterns quite this large again anytime soon, it is super-cute and I’m glad how it turned out! (One more outstanding commission for the year and then I’m going to make a couple completely self-indulgent things for a bit. I learned this craft so I would buy fewer toys because I could make them myself, and if I don’t get the chance to I start eyeing the Kingdom Hearts Funko Pops.)


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