Antarctic Buddy

Well, nothing like social distancing to get you making extra progress on a nice, big project! This guy’s a commission for my aunt, from Amigurumi Parents And Baby Animals (specifically, as you can see, the cover project by Janine Holmes of Moji-Moji Design.) He’s pretty cute, though some of his patternwork (specifically the back of his head, which requires a series of increases, decreases, and slip stitches into slip stitches on the ends of rows) was pretty tricky.My aunt asked for just the Papa Penguin, not the baby as well. While that baby in the stroller is precious, that would be a lot of wirework to transport (since she lives in California and I’m on the east coast) so I am perfectly fine with that. He’s quite a cutie! My next projects are all pretty big, especially since the one I’ve been in progress on since January is another doll I’ve been working on in my spare time. I might give an in-progress shot or two of Noodleman to keep from being too drought-like over here!


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