Jellyfish Stew

Continuing the food theme, I suppose – had that old poetry episode of Arthur running in my head already while I was thinking of titles. Another toy for a baby at our friendly local yarn store. As you can see from this lighting it’s a paler yellow than that previous post – the same yellow cotton from the giraffe – and the smaller tentacles are the same yellow green of Kermit’s collar. Not a whole lot to talk about – the pattern is from Edafedd’s Darling But Deadly pattern set, and the whole thing is done in single crochet and chaining with clever use of increases for shaping. There’s a LOT of tentacles – eight green, three curly yellow – and so much sewing. Like, probably an hour at least, all told was spent on the sewing, since the tentacles are meant to be attached to the bottom before attaching it to the main body and I wanted to have them all done to figure out placement. And obviously the pieces had to be extra secure for a small child’s use. Only thing I had to change was since I was using lace weight for the green tentacles I did a row of single crochet rather than fastening off after the chain. Good pattern, if a bit long in the endless tentacles part. If I get a chance I totally want to do the blue ringed octopus from that set later.


This is either Studio Ghibli or Pokémon, I’m not sure which

Another in-progress shot, this time of what will eventually be a giraffe but currently looks more like some weird sci-fi/fantasy creature. Probably from an anime, but if I ever decide to try and create an Andalite from the Animorphs series I will definitely repurpose that head shape.

Lions, Flame and Otherwise

One of the things I love about amigurumi is that they work up fast. I enjoy being able to say I’ve finished something relatively quickly, and also it prevents me from starting too many projects and never finishing any of them.

As I mentioned previously on this blog, my brother asked me to make him a lion based off his main character from the fighting game Rivals of Aether, Zetterburn, for his birthday. Specifically, he wanted his favorite alternate costume. Easy enough, though I obviously substituted a more taupe color rather than the olive-ish color for the face. While there is probably yarn in that color somewhere, it would be harder to find and does not particularly look all that good.

The pattern I used, which prompted this request in the first place, came from Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters by Leisure Arts. I got the book a couple weeks after I started crocheting and have been using it extensively since, because all of the animals are in fact that cute and they’re easy patterns for beginners.

Zetterburn was the first time I actually tried consciously modifying a pattern – not too significantly, just changing the colors and adding an extra color change, but modifying it all the same. The only issue was how large and wide-set I made his face, which meant there wasn’t a lot of space for his ears. Not super-thrilled with that one. On the other hand, I definitely felt like I had a better sense of how to space things when sewing his paws, so: progress. (The claws were also a request from my brother. Embroidering them looked better than trying to add the claws on like the mane on something so small.)

Also pictured, so that I have them, is Yellow Lion Who I Still Do Not Have A Name For, both in side-by-side with Zetterburn and in his early blob state.

Yarns used:

Yellow Lion- Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Mustard, Terracotta, and Lion Brand Heartland Yosemite

Zetterburn- Loops & Threads Impeccable Lavender, Soft Taupe, and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice White