Memery with an E

With con season upon us, time for some more sf characters. These two are Karen Memery and Priya Swati from Elizabeth Bear’s books Karen Memory and its sequel, Stone Mad. Nice to have this adorable couple as my first post of Pride month!

One of the things I did new this time was using magnets so they could hold hands! Their arms are wired as well – if I had decided that earlier I probably would have gone for a full skeleton, but they are meant to travel. (Once again, these are a gift to the author!)

Karen’s not described in a ton of detail since she’s our first person narrator, so I went with a blue dress a bit like she wears on the covers and a darker blue vest to add some visual interest. The dress is a bit stiff, but she can sit. I did want to add a scar on her cheek since she gains one near the end of the first book, but I of course picked the best yarn for it as her main skin color and the others look particularly odd on it. Might still before I’m done. We’ll see.

Priya, mad scientist in training and Karen’s love interest, is described in more detail. I went with her shorter hair from Stone Mad for ease of tinkering and a shirt and boots (though they’re hard to see in pictures) from the shopping trip in Karen Memory – a yellow and black checked fabric they pick up and dark blue boots. For the pants I figured a simple black was best – I haven’t done much complicated colorwork like this before and wanted to have them both ready in time for the next convention. Additionally, Priya’s hair was done with two yarns at the same time to add chestnut highlights to it.

The one thing I really wish I had done differently is put the safety eyes on the other side of the doll – the color change was in front and that means the cleanest check pattern is in the back! Whoops.


I love amigurumi. Have I mentioned I love amigurumi? They’re small, work up fast, and cute. These are patterns from Jana Whitley’s Cuddly Cacti Crochet (she also goes by JanaGeek on Etsy). In particular these are the Old Man Cactus and Hen and Chicks Succulent. The cactus’s bottom isn’t flat so they’re lying down here.

The succulent here is my first time carrying a second color in stitches rather than a full change. By that metric, it went well!

They’re very cute. I don’t have much to say but I am very pleased.

Cretaceous Critter

… I did not intend to take so long a break from blogging. But I figured there’s only so many pictures of giraffes and elephants I could post at a time. Instead I bring you a triceratops! Brought to you by Justyna Kacprzak’s Dinosaur Amigurumi. (I decided to leave off the toes hers has in the end – they’re cute, but the legs are worked all as part of the body and it was difficult enough maneuvering the main body around for them.) She’s cute, but also big – parts of the body have 80 stitch rounds. For me and my tendency for little guys, that’s a lot to keep track of. I even ran out of the main color yarn before hitting the frill and tail.

The craft shows went well, but we’re done for the season I think. We need to build up stock for the fall and winter, after all!

Let Me Face My Fears

Well this one took a while. Remember how I said my favorite character in Kingdom Hearts is Xion? Well, the ending of KHIII gave me everything I wanted including a new getup for her. Which I am, it turns out, mostly capable of making!

I tweaked the original doll’s proportions so she’s a bit bigger now. Gives more space for detailwork, which is good with something as detailed and hard to see as her blouse, which… well, look at a closeup.

I ultimately couldn’t figure out the buttons (French or Colonial knots could do it but they still don’t show up well and I can’t quite make them yet,) but she has the pleats on her skirt, the collar, the belt, and the ruffles on her sleeves. A bit clumsy at times, but did I ever try.

I’m still super proud of the boots and skirt, which is pleated using the technique Here, and the first technique here, which is the same technique but different pictures. Both were helpful. The boots started from the base from that Tonberry pattern I did from ArtisticGaming a while back, and then modified to fit a human (if Kingdom Heartsy) foot.

The hair fit largely the same, but different size means slightly different look, and her new blue eyes are from GlassEyesOnline. I am really proud of the full result, even if, say, the wire didn’t quite go through completely straight for the arms. She’s done! And eventually, her friends will join her. But later. I have some other projects to work on.

More Giraffe

Well I started off the year with first a stomach bug, then a cold, then nasty allergies from a major home renovation leading to major dust kickup. So crafting’s been a bit on the backburner, but finally I’ve finished something!

It’s another giraffe for the coming cousin. Last scarf will be finished soon. Pattern is the same giraffe from ElenasTimes, and the materials are the same as well. Nice to have something finished finally! And with any luck it can now be shipped and arrive in Seattle before the baby’s born.

Dearly Beloved

Sure, I hinted at that pun, but it’s the best one that’s even vaguely character-relevant. Closing out the year with my first attempt working patternless (though her head is from the Ideal Sphere by Emily Premise-Conclusion,) and one of my very favorite characters – Xion of Kingdom Hearts. (Patternless in part because there’s not a ton of people doing Kingdom Hearts crochet to begin with. This is the EASIEST outfit.) With Kingdom Hearts III coming out in 29 days (29 days!) I wanted to have a little friend to hug as terrible things happen onscreen. Honestly, thought it would take longer! This is my first prototype Xion – I want to tweak some things like proportions and how her wire is set up, and some of them will require a second attempt. Plus I want to attempt to replicate her off the notes I took and see if I can make a pattern.

There were a couple issues while making her, since it was my first attempt. Most notably, I had to improvise a few points when I attached arms before clothes on her main body so her outfit here is less coat and more Very Long Sweater.

She’s pretty soft – all that black is Red Heart So Soft – but a touch smaller than I intended, mainly with her legs so short. (A matching Roxas would be teeny.) The beige is Vanna’s Choice again, while the grey is Loops and Threads Woolike Cool Grey. It’s also extremely fine in case I had to do more embroidery. (The boots’ outlines are actually metallic floss, but it was difficult to work with so I didn’t use it for the upper coat part.)

I am so, so proud to have made her. Apart from the head, everything else was from a year and change’s accumulated knowledge. Given how short a time it’s been, having something successful to show for it is just plain cool.

2018 was a weird and often trying year personally, but I’ve managed to accomplish a lot despite some general chaos. Here’s hoping for good things in 2019. Thanks for reading so far, you handful who do!


Scarves being scarves, it’s much harder to take a full picture. Happy holidays, whichever you celebrate! I have successfully prepared the three scarves needed for Christmas gifts by Christmas day!… This was a kind of meaningless goal, because I won’t actually SEE the recipients today (likely not until later in January,) but they are nonetheless done! This pattern was The Big Book of Granny Squares’ motif 9, Dragonfly Lace. Then when I realized it would need pretty significant blocking because lace, I decided to only do the edges in that. End result looks pretty good!

As mentioned, this was my first attempt blocking. And because I didn’t realize the challenges all of this presented, it’s with silk. For that, the end results are pretty good! I used the remains of the Sublime Bamboo and Silk from my previous scarf (which means the scarf’s a touch on the short side, since some of that skein was used for bobbles,) and did one lace edge that I tied off to attach at the end and one I changed to the main color after finishing so they could both face the same direction. The main yarn is also Sublime, but their baby cashmere/Merino/silk yarn. I still have one more scarf to go, but it isn’t supposed to be started before I see the recipient later this evening. (I’m not saying I’m getting yarn for it, but… probably.) In the meantime, I can get back to a bit of amigurumi work. And there’s a certain Dearly Beloved character I want to try and have done by the end of January.